Updates from the field

Virtual farm tour - see where your food is grown!

As a farmer, one of my secret missions in life is to connect you with the land where your food is grown. But life is busy and you might not make it to a Mustard Seed Farm potluck 40 minutes away from Cincinnati. So let me (Farmer Marykate) take you on a little virtual tour of one of our three growing sites! ...

Pay-as-You-Can: Behind the Scenes

There are so many different kinds of local farms in the Cincinnati region. One thing that makes Mustard Seed Farm CSA unique is our pay-as-you-can pricing.

We want you to know that truly whatever price works for your budget is what we want you to pay. Over 11 years of...

Ohio Blue Corn

The plant breeding it took to create the staple food that is corn from wild teosinte grasses has got to be one of the greatest human achievements.
Indigenous people of central Mexico developed diverse varieties of corn over thousands of years along with the ingenious process of nixtamalization.
By soaking the corn in an alkaline solution of water and lime or hardwood ash, the B vitamins and proteins in the corn become digestible.
When corn isn't treated with this process, much of the nutrients are lost.
I'm grateful for a beautiful potluck day with farm share members to enjoy fresh tortillas together!